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    High capacity automatic electric stapler - AC Adapter & staples included
    • Fast & Quiet: Easily staples up to 25 sheets of standard paper
    • Jam-Free: Sturdy, sleek design ensures maximum stapling efficiency without jams
    • High Accuracy: Adjustable stapling guide allows you to specify the depth you want for high precision stapling.
    • Long lasting: A single set of AA batteries lets you staple up to 8000 times!
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    • MULTI-PURPOSE ORGANIZER: Keep track of your appointments, events, to do lists, grocery lists, chore charts, or simply use it as a board for kids to doodle on!
    • EASY TO USE: Strong magnet easily attaches to any magnetic surface. Keep everyone up to date with messages and reminders on your fridge, in the office, on filing cabinets, and more.
    • GREAT VALUE: Each set comes with 3 colored markers and a dedicated whiteboard eraser. So you don’t have to settle for the poorly-constructed eraser at the back of the marker that does not erase completely.
    • STAIN-FREE CLEANING: Included eraser lets you easily erase writings without leaving stains or visible markings – makes the board last longer and stay useable.
    • QUALITY ASSURANCE: Have confidence in knowing that our products are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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    • ENJOY YOUR HOT/COLD DRINK LONGER: Double wall vacuum insulation retains the temperature of your beverage without you feeling any heat or chill when holding. Tested to keep drinks cold up to 24HRS.
    • EXCLUSIVE PROMOTION BUNDLE: For a LIMITED time, each tumbler comes with: stainless steel metal straw, detachable handle, and spill/splash proof sliding lid. These accessories turn your tumbler into an all-purpose, highly portable drinking machine.
    • BPA Free, FDA Approved: Made from kitchen and food grade 18/8, 304 stainless steel, our tumbler is built with the finest quality, and does not change or retain the taste of your drink.
    • EASILY CLEANED: Large opening mouth and wide 3” base allows for quick and easy hand-washing. Designed to fit most cup holders.
    • PEACE OF MIND: Our products are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for your ease of mind.
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    MULTI-PURPOSE: Can be used for any chalk paint, wax, and all other brands of paint. Rounded form holds thicker paints with more versatility. ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Bristles are tapered to a point so you can get paint tight corners with greater detail. Ergonomic handles grip comfortably when painting or waxing. DOES NOT SHED: Maximum bristle hold. Industrial-grade adhesives and epoxy resin glue are applied twice for high bristle retention GREAT VALUE 2 FOR 1: Use the longer handle for more detailed waxing, and the shorter brush for painting tight spaces or to quickly cover large surfaces. TOP QUALITY MATERIALS: Pure Iron Ferrule with Nickel coating keeps it rust-free. Made from 100% all-natural boar bristle hair for smooth, even application of paint & wax.
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    Specially Designed to Repel Rats and Mice. Also works against roaches, spiders, ants, mosquitoes, crickets, fleas and other pests – Indoor/Garden/Backyard Pest Control
    • SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY – Unlike most repellers that emit a single ultrasonic wave, GizmoMate Pest Repeller gives out TWO different ultrasonic waves and ONE super-low electromagnetic wave. These waves automatically alternate, ensuring that rodents and insects do not become accustomed to the sounds.
    • REPEL RODENTS FAST – Effects can be observed almost immediately, as the multiple high frequency waves create an unpleasant environment for pests, renders them uncomfortable, and affects their appetite and lose reproduction/invasion abilities.
    • LOW COST & CHEMICAL FREE– Get rid of pests naturally without having to spend on harmful chemicals or insecticides, or having to clean up dead pests. The device automatically drives the pests away for you.
    • WIDE REPEL COVERAGE – GizmoMate Ultrasonic Pest Repeller has a coverage area up to 1100 sq ft. Deploy it at home, in your office, the garden, or backyard.
    • SIMPLE PLUG & PLAY – Simply plug it to any regular 110V outlet and the device begins working. Since ultrasonic waves do not penetrate walls and thick surfaces (furniture, cabinets etc.), it is recommended to install one device in each infected room.